"Travelling it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

Ibn Battuta

Our Around The World Trips

Our First Around The World Trip was 100 days in 2017/2018 winter and start point always from Europe Union:
Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Bulgaria.

The second trip around the world lasted 6 months but already from east to west from 10 of October 2018 to 18 April of 2019:
Bulgaria, Poland, Norway, USA, Japan, S. Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, UAE, Cyprus, Bulgaria.

And our third trip around the world lasted more than a year (due to Covid-19 we were stuck in the USA) from February 2020 to April 2021:
Bulgaria, UAE, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Turkey, Bulgaria

Our outstanding journeys

Australian Adventure:
Another significant milestone for us was our exploration of Australia, a country we had the privilege of visiting multiple times. Across three distinct visits, we embarked on an extensive journey from the northern reaches to the southern tip of this vast continent. Learn more...

Hidden New Zealand:
Getting to and exploring New Zealand seemed like a distant dream, akin to training as an astronaut and journeying to another planet. However, after successfully exploring Australia twice, we felt emboldened to uncover the mysteries of this remote and captivating land. Learn more...

36 of America's 50 states:
In every journey around the world, we have achieved countless memorable milestones, particularly in the United States of America. Over the course of three visits, we had the opportunity to explore and experience 35 out of the 50 diverse states that make up this vast country. Learn more...

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Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy's bustling financial and fashion capital, captivates with its blend of historical grandeur and contemporary style. Learn more...

London, UK

Discover the dynamic city of London, where hotels blend historic elegance with contemporary comfort. Learn more...

Paris, France

Discover the enchanting city of Paris, renowned for its romantic ambiance and iconic landmarks. Learn more...

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy's capital city, is a captivating blend of ancient history, artistic treasures, and vibrant modern life. Learn more...

Istanbul, Türkiye

Explore the enchanting city of Istanbul, where hotels offer a blend of modern comfort and ancient allure. Learn more...

Lissabon, Portugal

Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal, is a city where old-world charm meets modern allure. Learn more...

Athens, Greece

Immerse yourself in the ancient allure of Athens with hotels that blend history and modernity.  Learn more...

Barcelona, Spain

Discover hotels in Barcelona that offer a perfect mix of luxury and local charm. Learn more...

Positano, Italy

Experience the captivating beauty of Positano, a picturesque village perched on the Amalfi Coast. Learn more...

Hawaii, USA

Uncover hidden gems in Hawaii, where hotels offer stunning ocean vistas and serene escapes. Learn more...

New York, USA

Step into the heartbeat of New York City's soul with hotels that offer an urban sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle. Learn more...

Miami, USA

Experience the vibrant energy of Miami, where hotels offer luxury and beachfront bliss. Learn more...


Discover the opulence of Dubai, where hotels redefine luxury and innovation. Learn more...


Escape to the Maldives, where hotels offer serene luxury and unmatched beauty. Learn more...

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